Starting your training, or continuing your training with STOTT PILATES begins with our Intensive Certification Programs. You will learn the STOTT PILATES Five Basic principles; effective communication and observation skills, verbal cuing and imagery for performance enhancement and client motivation; modifications for specific body types, postural issues and conditions; theory and practice of postural analysis; and exercise layering related to effective program design.  At The Designed Body, we offer Intensive Training Courses that are run on the weekends to better accommodate busy schedules.

Where to begin

Students may begin their training with either the Intensive Mat-Plus Course (IMP) or the Intensive Reformer Course (IR). Upon completion of either the IMP or the IR course, students may continue into the Intensive Cadillac (ICAD), Intensive Chair (ICHR) and the Intensive Barrels (IBRL) course modules.  Advanced courses may be taken upon the completion of the Intensive Level Course.

An application to register for your first course is required for acceptance into the program.  Please contact the training center directly so that we may assist you with how to best begin your STOTT PILATES education program.

Below is a list of all STOTT PILATES Courses.  In each link you will find a course description, upcoming dates, and all payment options.

Most of the education courses may also be taught in a private setting should the training calendar not accommodate availability.  Contact the studio directly to set up a private course training schedule.  Please note that the IMP and IR course are not available for private training at this time.

Intensive Mat-Plus Course

Intensive Reformer Course

Intensive Cadillac Course

Intensive Stability Chair Course

Intensive Barrels Course

Advanced Mat Course

Advanced Reformer Course

Advanced Cadillac Course

Advanced Chair Course

Advanced Barrels Course

Injuries and Special Populations

How to Examine for Certification

The certification process includes both a written and a practical exam. Exams must be completed within 6 months of completing a training course.  Should you attend additional training courses the deadline to examine is extended another 6 months per course attended.  Extensions to examine may also be permitted by meeting with an Instructor Trainer privately to assess readiness to examine and answer any questions regarding the material and the exam.

Certification is available in the following levels:

Level 1 (includes intensive course repertoire only) Level 2 (includes advanced repertoire) Fully Certified
Mat Mat
Reformer Reformer
Mat & Reformer Mat & Reformer
Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair Barrels Level 1 & 2, Injuries & Special Populations Course

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the examination process.

Online Education Library Resource 

Recommended Anatomy Resource Books

Required Fascial Movement Course Book

Cancellation Policy on all workshops and education courses

Cancellations within 30 days of the beginning of a course or workshop are not eligible for refunds.

Student Observation and Practice Hours

The Designed Body is open to all certification students for observation hours and practice hours.

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