A unique mind-body modality that incorporates creative, lively, exploratory movements based on the latest research in neuromyofascial training. Learn to program workouts and integrate exercises in a playful yet powerful mix of three-dimensional circular and wave-like patterns designed to stimulate the fascia and take stress off the joints.

Foundation Courses

The ZEN•GA Mat & Equipment Foundation Courses teach four Mindful Movement Principles and show how to apply them to movement sequences that emphasize proper breathing and posture and vary in tempo, load and intensity. Participants will benefit in all areas of wellness, from muscular strength, endurance and mobility to stability without rigidity. Most importantly, they will develop an increased sense of self.

Professional Development and Continuing Education

Comprised of both mat and equipment-based material, these sessions focus on particular areas of the course, including breath, fascial lines and fluidity, for an increased depth of knowledge.